About Rehv

REHV Clothing is a premier automotive design fashion streetwear brand. We are a collection of drivers and riders who share a common interest. We love our rides!

REHV Clothing was envisioned in 2002 and originally spelled Rev. Although Rev was just born, it needed more to the name. So, just like we fix up and modify our rides, we modded the name; REHV was born.

How it all came to be

Mark Cestr (founder) grew up skateboarding and working in the skate and fashion industry since its beginning. He helped create and sell brands to the industry successfully. He always had a passion for cars whether it be racing or working on them and always knew this was what he wanted to do. For years he saw a void, there was no clothing available that truly supported and showed his love and interest for the automobile.

He had an idea to make a clothing line for a target a market that until now had been untouched. He wanted to make a clothing line that would appeal to all walks of life, young and old. The goal was to bring a premier clothing line that everyone from little kids playing with Hot Wheels to your grandpa in his Cadillac would appreciate and wear. Using his passion for cars and his unique sense of design, he pulled out his drawing book and the first Rehv Clothing design came to be.

Rehv Clothing has built a reputation in the racing industry as the premier automotive fashion brand that produces the highest possible quality products with creative designs that inspires everyone with a passion for cars.

For years, Rehv Clothing has been supporting Formula Drift and drag racing events in person across the USA, bringing our designs to the public. We now do the same online so everyone that loves the quality apparel can wear our badass designs, even if they can’t make an event.


Bangin' Gears & Swervn' Lanes